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2001-10-5, Wow, that was a long period without an update. I've cleaned up the site, fixed a few things, and added 1.35 as an official SourceForge release. Hopefully I'll get another new release out soon.

2000-6-5, We have a new web page now hosted by SourceForge, as well as a new release of the script. Version 1.35 is up for download. It features tons of new stuff, such as:

  • Specific Command op lists (this now allows kickban lists too)
  • The user is notified if activity occurs in hidden windows
  • /ZAP alias now takes an argument as a timer delay
  • /ACRO translates a small word into a techie acronym - loads of fun :)
  • added automatic dcc resume
  • fixed a MAJOR memory leak
  • fixed all known /SCHEMECONF and /OPCONF menu problems
  • rewrote the DCC list to be much much more useful and better looking
  • And more minor stuff. check the ChangeLog if you're interested.
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