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Quick Start - How to get up and running with EPIC and SplitFire

The first thing you need is a binary, also known an "executable" in the windows world. This is the actual IRC client that you will run. You will be compiling EPIC in a unix environment.

HOW TO compile EPIC:

  • First, you'll need the EPIC source. I recommend getting version EPIC4-2000, as it is semi-recent, quite stable, and works well with SplitFire. It can be found here.
  • Once you have that file on your system, it needs untarred. at the shell, type tar xzvf epic4-2000.tar.gz. If this step doesn't work, you probably need to nag your administrator to install a newer version of tar, or try gunzip -c epic4-2000.tar.gz | tar xvf. note that the | is a pipe (above the backslash on most keyboards)
  • You should now have a source tree under the directory epic4-2000. enter the directory with the cd command. for example, cd epic4-2000
  • Type ./configure. Make sure you have the dot and the slash before "configure". This will take some guesses about what your system is like.
  • If this worked (it should), type make. This will compile the irc client. If you get ERRORS in this step, go to #epic on efnet (try irc.core.com port 6666). someone there may be able to help.
  • If you are root, type make install. This will install it to /usr/local/bin. If you do not have root access, ask your system administrator to do this step.
  • Since everything went well (we hope), log back in as a normal user and type epic.
  • Make sure you put splitfire in the current directory. If so, go ahead and type /load splitfire.irc.gz in the irc client.
  • If SplitFire loaded up, go ahead and edit the .ircrc file in your home directory. You can simply put /load splitfire.irc.gz in that file to automatically load SplitFire whenever you start EPIC.
  • Enjoy IRC :)