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SplitFire does quite a few useful things, such as:

  • Tab Completion - Hitting the tab key will attempt to finish typing out nicknames, channel names, and server names for you.
  • Menu based Auto-OP - Automatic OP is controlled by a menu allowing specific servers/channels.
  • Nickname highlight/message saving - Every instance of the user's nickname in a public message is highlighted, and logged.
  • Color schemes - Several colorschemes are included, and are switchable through a menu.
  • Language translation - SplitFire includes commands that interface altavista's babelfish translator.
  • Dictionary lookup - A command is available to look up words from a DICT dictionary server.
  • Flood Log window - This window is opened to store and log a CTCP flood during such an attack.
  • Sanity! - This IRC script does not advertise itself, does not send any automatic text to channels, and does not reply to VERSION requests. It's IRC for sane people.

And many more... see the /SHELP command in the script